Saturday, August 10, 2013

Perseid Meteor Shower Monday night!

Get ready for the Perseid meteor shower Sunday and Monday night.

For best viewing
go to any dark spot after midnight and look up.

There are several organized viewings around the country.
Yossi Gaibel  and the Gush Astro club is organizing a viewing with "Big Bear" at Givat Mesua near Bet shemesh on Sunday night. For details call him at 050-363-2022.

For really dark skies, the desert is the place to be. Monday night there is a meteor party in Mizpe Ramon. For those of you are near Eilat, there will also be a happening in Park Timna

I will have to take my chances here in Idaho. The forecast here calls for thunder showers on Monday. :-(

For more about the perseids, see the following links:

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