Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to chose a Telescope or Binoculars

If you are considering buying a telescope - wait!

I have written before with some advice about buying telescopes.
But, apparently I did stress enough my best advice for telescope seekers. Don't do it till you buy a good pair of binoculars first!

This is really good advice. I know because I followed it myself.
Some of the pluses of binoculars:

  • A good pair of binos are cheaper than a telescope
  • You can easily cary it ion your bag or around your neck.
  • You get to use both of your eyes together. Binos are a mini telescope for each eye.
  • Binos have a marge larger field of view that a telescope making it easier to find stuff in the sky.
  • The view is right side up as apposed to upside down or backwards s in many telescopes.
  • And did I mention they are cheaper?
A standard size for astronomy binoculars is 10x50. To learn what that means and more specs see Binoculars for Astronomy  from Sky & Tel.
When you are ready to upgrade to a telescope see my previous New Telescope Review

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