Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eclipses for 2011

Some folks have been asking me about upcoming eclipses. Here is a short synopsis of the coming year. Mark the dates on your calendar and I will send updates before the big day.

There is one more eclipse schedule for 2010. It is a total lunar eclipse on Dec 21, well placed for our friends in the US, but not visible here in Israel.

Next month, however, on Jan 04 at 10:41,  there will be a partial solar eclipse of 56% visible here. This will be the last solar eclipse visible here till Nov 2013

Then on June 15  we will finally get a total lunar eclipse visible in Israel at  22:12 IST.

On Dec 10 there will be another lunar eclipse visible in Asia, but here we will just miss it as the eclipse ends as the moon rises. (It also will not be visible in the US.)


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