Friday, December 31, 2010

Solar eclipse this coming Tuesday

Get ready for last Solar eclipse visible in Israel for the next 10 years!

On Tuesday Jan 4th there will be a partial solar eclipse of the sun visible from much of  North Africa, Europe and central Asia  Here in Israel it will be visible in the morning when the Moon covers almost 60% of the Sun.

 The eclipse in Israel will begin at 9:10am when the Moon first appears to touch the disk of the Sun. For the next hour and a half the silhouette of the Moon will slowly creep over the face of the sun, til at 10:41 it reached the maximum of 57% coverage. The moon will continue to pass before the Sun till it slides completely off by 12:15 local time.

As always, be sure to keep your eyes safe and do not look directly at the Sun. See my previous post about safe methods of solar viewing.

A simple pinhole projection is the simplest and safest method and you don't need any equipment other  than your own fingers. But if you like you cab buy a pair of solar viewing filters. You can find them here in Israel at
Barakat observatory in Moddin or at Cosmos in Ramat Gan.

Here is more info in Hebrew from Barakat.

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