Sunday, November 8, 2009

ISS tonight, Eclipse conf at Open U, Leonids

Tonight will be a very nice bright pass of the International Space Station over Israel.

Starting at 5:35pm local time the ISS will rise in the west and head northeast. It will be visible until 5:41 when it enters the Earth's shadow about 15 degrees above the northeast horizon. It will be magnitude -2.7, just a bit brighter than Jupiter.

For details see:

The Open University in Raanana will be having an evening  conference on eclipses through history on Nov 19th starting at 5pm. See the details at

And remeber, the Leonids will be returning on next Tue night the 17th. As I mentioned there is a forecast for a storm outburst around 11:45pm. We are not ideally located according as the radiant is still low at that hour, but these forecasts are not yet that precise. To cover your bets, you should go to as dark a spot as you can, and stay up all night!

Keep looking up.

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