Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It was a great Meteor Shower

Well guys, the Geminids put on a great show!

I went down with 4 of my kids the Mahktesh Hakatan to camp out. We where met by Gadi and some of his kids and a guest, plus one of the new members to our list Yanki.

It was a great night. Unlike the forecast it was not too cold. Thanks to the Mahktesh, there was no wind, and the cold front did not roll in as expected, so it stayed clear all night.

I am too tired for a full report now, but we saw hundreds of meteors. After we cooked our hot dogs and set up our tents me and the kids layed down outside and counted at least 100 in the course of about an hour. By about 1am I nodded of inside my sleeping tent, but I think Gadi and the other guys where up most of the night. Hopefully they will add their reports soon.

You can see our campsite and group photo here:

The Geminids have been getting stronger for years now. According to Nasa it is expected to continue to improve. So be ready for next year.

For more reports and photos see Space Weather


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  1. Yes. great Evening.And goo thing to meet. was really nice. Next time more planning is required so we will not eat Pizza on the way and you make hot dogs on the spot!