Thursday, January 14, 2010

24% Solar Eclipse this Friday morning

On Friday Jan 15th there will be an annular solar eclipse over central Africa and the far East. Here in Israel it will be partial with a maximum of 24% of the Sun covered by the Moon.
 Partial Eclipse

Most people will not notice anything unusual, as even 76% of the Sun is very bright.  However, anyone with the correct equipment for viewing the sun will be able to see an obvious bite missing at the peak of the eclipse.

For safe solar viewing methods, see these:

Solar eclipse Friday, Jan 15:
06:41 Sun (& Moon) rise
07:04 partial eclipse visible in Israel
08:03 peak of eclipse in Israel (24%) 15 degrees above SE horizon
09:11 end of eclipse in Israel

(and for you calendar freaks):
09:12 molad
13:23 average molad

This will be a great opportunity for some sidewalk astronomy. So invite your friends and neighbors and show them a bit of solar system choose a location with a good view of the eastern horizon. To double check, go out a few days earlier at 8am and note where you can see the Sun.

If you are planning something please share it with the list at 

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