Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Perseid meteor shower Thursday night

The Perseids are coming, get set for a great show. Perseid montage

Tomorrow night the annual Perseids meteor shower will peak. This happens every year when the Earth travels through a cloud of dusty debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle.

There are several public happenings around the country this year.

Tel Aviv Astro club is sponsoring free event in Mizpe Ramon:

Bareket observatory will also be in Miztpe Ramon

The Israel Atro Association will be at part Tima,  Eilat

I will be leading a group from Jerusalem at Mitzpe Mesua. But even if you don't join any of these groups, just find any dark spot, get cozy on a beach chair or blanket, and look up. Meteors usually peak closer to dawn but things should heat up as midnight approaches.

Read more about the shower and meteor observing at Sky & Telescope

To prepare you can go to and download a nice printable skychart and calendar of events for August. Be sure to select the "Northern Hemisphere Edition"

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