Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New moon on Rosh Hashana (Thursday night)

Happy new year to you all.

Sorry for the late notice, but as we get ready for Rosh Hashana, it is time to get set to find the new moon. This year it works out nicely with the moon visible at the beginning of the second night of the holiday. See details below from the Israel new moon society

Also, there is a violent storm happening on the sun right now. It is so bi that you can see it on the face of the sun without a telescope. DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT APPROVED SOLAR FILTER. (See my blog for  safe methods of solar viewing.)

The Moon is likely* to appear over the South-Western
horizon between 18:14 and 18:39 on Thursday 29th
September 2011, 1¼ spans left of the sunset and 1½ fists (at
arm's length) high. The Moon will be very easy to see until
it fades or sets between 19:21 and 19:40. Illum. 6.93
(7.19)% Lag 72 m.

The Moon at 18:14, 1¼
spans (30°) left of the
sunset, 1½ fists (15°) high

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