Monday, June 4, 2012

Transit of Venus

This Wednesday morning will be a once- (or maybe twice-) in-a-lifetime event.

From 2004-6-8 venus transit

The planet Venus will be passing directly between us and the Sun. This will result in a tiny "eclipse" when Venus appears as a small black dot on the face of the Sun. A similar transit occurred in 2004, (see my pictures) but if you miss this one your next chance won't be till the year 2117.

You can see a great animation of the event at (scroll down)

Here in Israel, the Sun will rise at 5:30am with Venus already more than halfway through the transit . Venus will slowly move toward  the edge of the Sun until 7:50, when it will disappear from the face of the Sun..
As with a solar eclipse, you will need special equipment like a solar filter or an enlarged projection, to see the transit.

From 7:00 - 7:45 am Wednesday morning in Efrat, I will  be set up with my telescope near the traffic circle next to the girls school in Zayit. You are all welcomed to come take a look! For other public viewings around the country see the IAA
For more details and history of previous transits see


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