Friday, May 10, 2013

See the New Moon and New Venus Saturday night

The new moon of Sivan will be visible on Sat night.
It should be easy to spot by 7:45 pm low in a little to the north of west.

Venus is also coming back into view in the evening, after spending nearly a year in the morning sky. It will be harder to catch than the moon, as it will be lower and closer to the glow of the sun. If you have binoculars, you will increase your chance of bagging this planet. But you will have to hurry before it sets by 8:10pm.

The sky will look like the illustration below, with the moon a little closer to Venus than shown. Jupiter, the Moon and Venus will make a nice straight line showing of the ecliptic of our solar system.

Crescent moon between Venus and Jupiter after sunset May 11
But fret not, if you miss Venus Saturday, it will be getting higher and brighter everyday. 
Of course one last difficulty will be the partly cloudy skies forecast for thew next few days. But you never know when a planet or moon may peek through.

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