Thursday, October 1, 2015

More on the lunar eclipse

I hope those of you who got up at 5am were not disappointed. My kids and I certainly were not!  I was up a little after 5:30 and saw a copper Moon fully eclipsed. A few minutes later I noticed a bright star in the west. Then I realized it was moving through Cassiopeia and realized that at that brightness it must be the ISS space station Others reported seeing the ISS and also bright Venus high in the east. (There was no view to the east from my porch).

Since it was Hag I could not take any pictures, but you can of course Google for lots of stunning pics and videos of this even. I want to share 2 of my favorite here.

There where several articles on APOD for the past few days, but my favorite is an older lunar eclipse montage that allows you to clearly see the outline of the earths shadow.

In addition, from one of my favorite astro sites Shadow and Substance, here is a collection of animation of the eclipse. Each animation shows a view from a different perspective that really give an insight into what is happening.

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