Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Open Day at the Wise Observatory - April 1st., 2010

Come see the 40 inch university telescope at Mizpe Ramon.

This observatory is almost never open to the public, so don't miss it!


Wise Observatory, Israel

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Subject: TAU Astroclub: Open Day at the Wise Observatory - April 1st., 2010

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Pesah holiday 2010 - Open day at the Wise Observatory

On Thursday 01-04-2010, we shall have an "Open day" at the Wise
observatory, near Mizpe-Ramon. Activity will take place between 15:00
and 22:00, and will include the following:

* Short talks about current research in the observatory
* Guided tours in the observatory
* Automated observations using the 1m telescope
* Observations through small telescopes
* Stargazing

** The event is FREE and open for everyone !!!


* The Wise observatory is located 5km west from Mizpe-Ramon.

* Map of Mizpe-Ramon is available at:

* We recommend bringing warm clothes.

For more details about our activities, and for viewing video lectures,
please visit our web-site: http://astroclub.tau.ac.il/

TAU AstroClub team

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