Friday, March 19, 2010

Venus is now clearly visible

After all the recent cloudy weather, it was nice to see Venus blazing low in the west yesterday below the crescent Moon.
Bright-twilight view

Venus is now up for about  an hour after sunset and getting higher, and setting later each night. Have you spotted her yet?

Also keep an eye on the Moon as it passes near the Pleiades and  Hyades in Taurus Sat and Sunday night.
Looking west after dark Here in Israel the Moon will be about 1/2 a distance lower each night.



  1. I've spotted Venus easily enough. Always a pleasure to meat an old friend. I also sent a message yesterday to the AstroTom group. did you get it (I didn't!) If not I will send again.

  2. I was able to spot venus as I was leaving work last night. And when I got home I was able to spend a few good minutes with M42 and the moon in my binoculars.

    Always a pleasure